Monday, August 29, 2005

Exclusive interview with Jenny Smyth of The Organ

I've had the Organ's new album, "Grab That Gun", on a constant replay since I got it. A combination of The Smiths, Joy Division, and Blondie, The Organ takes its influences as a starting point and flies from there into its own unique sound. Band member Jenny Smyth took time out to answer a few questions about life as a vegetarian in a touring band.

Meatfilter: How long have you been a vegetarian?

Jenny Smyth: Over 10 years.

MF: What happened that interested you in becoming a vegetarian, was there an "Aha" moment, or was it a gradual change?

JS: My mom fed me vegetarian food as a little kid, but I started eating meat and stuff for a while in later childhood (so did my mom. I don't know why). Then when I started high school around age 14, my friend and I decided to become vegetarian just because we thought it was cool. And of course in theory I realized it made a lot of sense. As time has gone by I can think of more and more reasons why I never want to be "non-vegetarian" ever again.

MF: The Organ has been compared to the Smiths (among others). Was the song "Meat is Murder" an influence?

JS: Well that definitely influenced my decision to stop eating meat as a teen. I just thought the girl in the video was the epitome of cool and I wanted to be like her.

MF: When you're on the road with the band has it been hard to find good vegetarian food?

JS: Yes. Especially on highways. In cities you can usually find out from people you meet where to eat. And people in other bands I know who tour a lot will often say where they found someplace good.

MF: What city have you been to that had the best eating options?

JS: San Francisco I think. Or Tucson. And here, Vancouver B.C.

Many thanks to Jenny for her time and to Yvette Ray at Mint Records for setting up the interview. Now support a fellow vegetarian; go out and buy the album!

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