Monday, August 22, 2005

Don't be cruel: For Joshua Warchol, it's not just about nutrition — it's also about what the typical American diet does to animals

Vegan wedding:

Joshua Warchol's future father-in-law loves his prime rib. Unfortunately, he won't have the opportunity to check it off as a meal choice at his own daughter's wedding.

'There will be no animal products in sight,' Warchol said of his upcoming wedding to Tracy Lake. 'There's nothing her father likes more than prime rib. He's a little bit disappointed about the wedding because the only time he really gets to eat prime rib is when people get married.'

Instead, the guests will be treated to a vegan buffet in which there will be no meat, no eggs and no dairy products. There will be plenty of fresh vegetables cooked in olive oil, pasta primavera and even a cake made with soy milk instead of regular milk and either tofu or bananas instead of eggs.

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