Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Exclusive interview with Triple Tofu Tower writer/director Kirby Ferguson

While other reporters chase B-list celebs for interviews, Meatfilter has the put them all to shame with this exclusive interview of Kirby Ferguson, who wrote and directed Triple Tofu Tower

Meatfilter: Why did you make The Triple Tofu Tower?

Kirby: Because vegan comedy is so hot right now! I wanna ride the meat-free gravy train, baby.

Requisite comedy aside, I like parodying things that are part of my life but never show up in comedy. I've previously dealt with things like yoga and new age spirituality and polyamory. If you only see one polyamory sketch this year, it should be mine.

MF: Are you Canadian?

Kirby: Extremely.

MF: Why are Canadians so damned funny?

Kirby: I'm not sure that Canadians actually are that funny. Sure, we've got some greats like David Cronenberg, Alex Trebek, and Joni Mitchell, but have you ever seen The Royal Canadian Air Farce? You may never laugh again after that.

But if we are funny, it would definitely have something to do with us being outsiders, with being able to see absurdity that might be invisible to natives. We're just as familiar with American culture as most Americans, yet we don't identify it as "us". It's a good perspective to have for comedic thinking.

MF: Are you making a living off your films?

Kirby: Lord no. Here and there I make a little money, but I'm very far off from making a living at this.

MF: So what's your day job?

Kirby: I'm a mild-mannered graphic designer by day.

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