Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Epidemic of Vegan and Vegetarian websites during National Cruelty Free Week.

Hot off the Vegan newswire:

Yes folks, just in case you blinked and missed it, it’s National Cruelty-Free Week, 4-10 July 2005 and the militant fringe of the vegan army are up in arms busily posting on forums and message boards that BUAV are breaking trade descriptions law by calling it National Cruelty-Free Week when some of the products they endorse aren’t vegan.

Good point. BUAV didn’t say “nearly cruelty free”. Cruelty free is weighty claim, a phrase that probably even the sixty-year-old Vegan society would avoid using. Their shopping guide is called the Animal Free Shopper – a lot easier to define and now online at www.animalfreeshopper.com

Meanwhile in the virtual world of the World Wide Web there is nothing virtual about the number of new vegan websites. There seem to be literally thousands of new vegan sites sparking to life around the world from the usual suspects recipe sites such as www.recipes.for-vegans.co.uk to websites gently making fun of vegan militants ( such as Vegan Bitch at www.veganbitch.com ) by vegan police at www.vegan911.com

Even the world of adult entertainment, porn and the ubiquitous sex industry has jumped on the vegan bandwagon. With various sex toys, aids and appliances it goes all the way to sites portraying hairy young naked punks and unshaven hippy teenagers. A veiled attempt to prove that vegans can be as un PC as the UK Sun readers and breast and thong obsessed UK public at large. Search for ‘Naked Vegan’ on Google or Yahoo if you really must see for yourself. www.vegporn.com boasts a recipe section with nude vegan girls and boys cooking vegan recipes, whilst www.veganerotica.com has vegan ‘pleather’ bondage gear.

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