Wednesday, May 11, 2005

GREEN Vegan Man / Moby on 16 years of meatless living

'I run into a lot of people who are instantly filled with ridicule at the idea that someone wouldn't eat meat,' Moby told me last week, when he was in San Francisco touring in support of his latest CD, Hotel. Moby and I are both vegans, so our conversation had naturally turned to meatless living. 'I've been doing it so long that it's just second nature,' he continued. 'Now, almost every city in the Western world has good vegetarian, or even vegan, restaurants.'


Anonymous said...

Thats cool. I've recently been contemplating making the switch to vegan lifestyle. I've never enjoyed eating meats because for some odd reason and never really enjoyed veggies until I started working for a produce business and realised the unique and vibrant flavor of celery, carrots, and grape tomatoes.

How do you know Moby? I'd like to visit his cafe, teaNY. Looks like a great place.

M said...

I don't know Moby, except through his music, the quote is from the linked article.

If you're thinking of becoming Vegan, there are many good books on the subject. You need to make sure you get enough protein. Check out Vegan Sourcebook for some good information.