Sunday, January 22, 2006

Love for animals turns Liz Hurley vegetarian!

Love for animals turns Liz Hurley vegetarian!

Washington: British beauty Elizabeth Hurley has become a vegetarian after falling in love with the animals on her farm.

The actress has a working farm in the English countryside that she hopes to retire to when her acting and modelling careers come to an end.

And she admits living alongside nature is having an effect on her.

"There's sheep and cows and chickens and rabbits. It has put me off eating meat because these creatures are so sweet. I know every lamb and have given them names like David, Flora and Angela," she was quoted by Contactmusic,as saying.

"You're not meant to get too attached because it is a working farm and they are meant to go for meat.

But there is a little lamb that I bottle feed and I don't want him to be eaten at all," she added.

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Unk said...

As a new farmer myself, I know the conflict between 'parental' love for the animals, and the harsh reality of the butcher. Liz, fortunately, can afford to keep all her 'offspring', but eventually the time must come... either that, or focus on pedigree bloodlines, and breed for selling as breeding stock... but even then, one day, the knacker will have to call.